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Patients Schizophrenia Story


I was about 29 years old when I started,noticing symptoms and I was teaching at,a university I didn’t know what could be,wrong I didn’t know very much about,schizophrenia something wasn’t quite,right I think it was just that my life,was too difficult to handle and I,remember remarking to someone that,something didn’t seem right in my head I,had severe insomnia there were,definitely some strange thoughts and I,had a really difficult time managing,stress when I was hospitalized I was,initially hospitalized at Western,Psychiatric Institute and clinic they,assigned me to the step clinic they’re,equipped to handle a crisis situation,[Music],because of the stigma surrounding,schizophrenia I didn’t want to be,identified with the illness it was just,overwhelming,initially the group therapy was helpful,one-on-one therapy was also really,helpful it’s not easy but once you get,the meds right and feel like you have a,normal that you can live with it’s very,livable don’t delay and getting help,don’t be afraid of the diagnosis the,faster you get a diagnosis the faster,you can get on the road to recovery,that’s what the sub clinic has done for,me at the sub clinic we take a very,innovative and comprehensive treatment,approach for patients with early,psychosis the patient will see a,psychiatrist you’ll see therapist,they’ll see a social worker they’ll see,case managers we can meet them in the,community and all of us work together,treat their symptoms and get them back,to their lives,you

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