Interview with Schizophrenic Patient

  • How are you feeling?
    … Well.,- How long have you been here?,… Three months. May 17th.,- And what brought you here?,… That’s difficult to answer.,- Could you give me some idea?,… Off hand, I can’t.,- Whose idea was it that you come here?,… My psychiatrist.,- And what happened that ended up with your being here in the hospital?,… The psychiatrist decided. That this was the situation for me.,- Did he tell you why?,… No, the psychiatrist did not.,- Has anybody told you why?,No.
  • Have you any idea why?,Yes.,- And what is that?,I am not completely like… other people.,- What do you mean by that?,People dislike me because. I am not completely like them.,- And in what way are you different?,I am trying to do with my life something which… few people try to do.,And… this influences my thinking. And consequently my actions.,- What is it you’re trying to do with your life?,… Play the piano for people.,- I am not clear at…,- How is it that playing the piano for people has eventually resulted in your being here in the hospital?,… I sit differently. When I play the piano.,And when I am away from the piano I occasionally look differently. From other people.,And this has caused. Dislike. From people.,- They dislike you because you sit differently at the piano?,… Yes.,- In what way do you sit at the piano that people would dislike you?,… I cannot describe. An illustration. Of how I sit.,- And I can’t imagine it, that it would make people angry at you, or at least dislike you.,- How do you know they dislike you?,… My father does. And.,Doctors do. Because.,Of the way. I appear.,In relationship to the way I sit at the piano. And occasionally stand when I am away from the piano because of the way I sit at the piano.,- How do you stand when you’re away from the piano that they dislike you?,… I can’t describe. An illustration.,- Does it “feel” to you any different from the way other people stand?,… Yes it feels different.,- In what way?,It… this is becoming too involved to describe.,- Would I be right in assuming then that…,- you don’t feel that you belong in the hospital,,- but that other people did feel that?,… As soon as I express the belief that I do not belong in this hospital,,which is a mental hospital,,then…,those who dislike me want to find a worse place for me.,- I’m not sure I understand. Could you make that clearer for me?,… No.,- Is this a way of…,… A hosp—Yes, I can.,As soon as I express the belief that I do not belong in this mental hospital,,then those who dislike me want to find a hospital where the living conditions are not as good as this.,- But why are you in the hospital in the first place? I’m not clear.,… Because I am working to do something in my life which most people do not do…,This influences my thinking.,And occasionally my actions.,And… A psychiatrist has noticed this.,And dislikes…
  • What has he noticed?,… the actions, and…,the thinking, and has decided that I should be here. To change them.,- What actions?,… How I talk. And how I look. Right at this moment.,- And how would you describe the way you’re talking and looking right at this moment?,… As other people talk, and that this moment however I’ve been told that it is not the way other people talk and look.,- Have you any idea in what way it’s not like others?,… No because I believe it IS as other people talk.,- So then from YOUR point of view, not from other people’s point of view, from YOUR point of view,,- You look, you talk, you think, you behave… as other people do.,- You’re very interested in learning to play the piano.,- You sit at the piano a little differently from the way someone else might and you stand somewhat differently.,… Occasionally I stand differently.,- Now that, uh…,in itself, doesn’t seem on the surface to be sufficient reason for being in a hospital.,- So what other reasons have been given to you, or what other reasons do you understand are the causes of your being here?,… I’m supposed to not. Be mentally well.,- And what’s supposed to be wrong with you?,… No doctor has told me.,- That’s hard to believe.,… I tell the truth.,What are your plans? If things should go well, and you were to leave the hospital, then what?,… I need financial help from my father to prepare.,Me.,For obtaining a job. As a piano instructor.,At a university.,Where I will be able to teach.,People how to play the piano.,And also play the piano. For people.,- Have you had the training yet to permit you to be an instructor?,No I have not.
  • Have you tried?,I don’t understand what you mean by the…
  • Have you tried to get the instruction?,… Yes I have tried.
  • And what’s happened?,… I have not had. The correct environment. For the instruction.,Nor the correct financial help for the instruction.,Nor… the correct instruction.,- Have you been accepted for such instruction?,… By some teachers. Yes.,- And… by others no?,Yes. Again.
  • Mhm.,It has been about half and half.,- Have you started any such instruction with those who did approve of it?,… Yes.
  • And how has it gone?,… With some it has gone well. With some it has not gone well.

Treatment & Psychosis

good morning it is Wednesday April 24th,about 4:30 a.m. I just took three,medications booze barboo program and,duloxetine when I have an episode,hallucinations,I will hear these very loud voices very,close to my ear it’s almost like a,whisper but it’s loud if I had to,describe it it was like if a shadow good,yell feeling a little deflated I’m,really stressed out and stress really,exasperate exacerbates the symptoms of,schizophrenia I have some concerns with,anyone standing directly behind me I,have also seen these like shadows on the,walls that come along with the voices,like a monster clawing across the wall,[Music],my name is Allie Burke and I live with,paranoid schizophrenia,[Music],the mornings are hard especially you,know during the week I mean it’s hard,for anyone to get up at 4 o’clock in,morning me having to take anti-psychotic,medication it’s like it’s really hard to,get up I set like five alarms in the,morning and sometimes I still can’t get,up and my dad will come in and be like,don’t you have to go to work I am 32,years old and I live with my dad,[Music],paranoid schizophrenia is a brain,disorder which can cause a multitude of,symptoms the way that it manifests with,me is paranoia I am afraid of being,poisoned so I have some concerns with,you know anyone like standing directly,behind me being too close to me and also,leaving my drink down where I can’t see,it so that is an everyday thing for me,even with medication some things that,the medication has helped me with is the,hallucinations such as the voices and,the you know the shadows that I see I do,on occasion still hear voices it’s in a,language that I can’t understand and,there’s another voice that tells me that,I’m useless and worthless and not worth,anything and that I should just quit and,give up everything that I do,so I take these three medications and,morning there are two antidepressants,and one anti-anxiety me being tired is,definitely a side effect of an,anti-psychotic medication that I take at,night my boyfriend and I are going to,see a movie today this morning before,the movie I’m going to work on some,stuff I’m the senior VP of a nonprofit,organization stigma fighters essentially,is a platform to give people with mental,illnesses a voice I do work a lot for,the day job and then I have my writing,stuff and I’m working on a couple of,projects right now it’s a couple other,people with schizophrenia so it’s a lot,it’s a lot to do and not enough time,I never really realized as a child that,there was something potentially wrong,with me,I just thought that’s one of those scary,things that you have to deal with when,you go to bed at night the monsters come,out and that’s really how I looked at it,pass forward a little bit I was in,college and I started hearing the voices,while I was taking a test and that was,the first time I had ever heard them,during the daytime the next couple years,were really difficult they started,getting worse and worse and I started,seeing these like shadows around so,eventually I went to see a psychiatrist,and they prescribed me some medication,which would be many many years of me,trying different medications and trying,to figure out what works for me that,time they diagnosed me with,schizoaffective disorder but a couple,years later they changed it to paranoid,schizophrenia it’s very scary to know,that at anytime you know something could,happen where you’re gonna see something,that maybe other people don’t see or,you’re gonna hear something that other,people don’t hear it’s not a hundred,percent that I can predict that I’m,going to have an episode today it is,going to happen sometimes and that I,think is just the nature of how the,disorder affects me personally but there,are triggers that I have identified,forms itself which includes like stress,and feeling overwhelmed I don’t know how,conclusive this is but there’s some,information out there to suggest that,smoking or vaping can reduce the side,effects of antipsychotic medication,it keeps me calm especially in,high-stress days,the Internet has been very helpful in,connecting with people with,schizophrenia a friend of mine found me,on my Facebook page he’s an artist and,he actually made an illustration of me,these are the medications that I take,there’s books there because he knows,that I’m obsessed with reading it was,very difficult at first because I didn’t,have insurance my first doctor was,trying to work around that and at the,time the medication that worked really,well for me did not have a generic it’s,taken me pretty much since I was 26,probably until I was 31 to get the right,mix of medications so these are the two,medications I take at night,- I paksa for is the antipsychotic and,the ambient is the sleeping pill,I do come out here a lot I love the,flowers I grew up in this house you know,it’s a good environment for me I have no,idea what any of the stuff is but it’s,also beautiful so I love it if I’m,having like a bad day or I’m having some,symptoms I can just get close to the,animals and they’ll always be there they,love you unconditionally no matter what,you’re going through so come on in or,out interrupts okay,pick one,[Music],hello it’s good to see your face so I,wanted to give you a call and talk a,little bit about the book that we,discussed kind of about you know our,experiences with schizophrenia I think,that’s important to include in my,backstory as well I think people saved,my life I’m so thankful to those people,those strangers stepped in and literally,I personally didn’t know anyone with,schizophrenia when I was diagnosed so I,think it really helps to have someone to,relate to and and to give you advice,from time to time,[Music],I’m going to my boyfriend’s house we,were together for two years,and we took some time apart because of,how I was struggling with schizophrenia,he pays attention and kind of knows when,I’m having a hard time so he he is,amazing,[Music],yes,[Music],are you driving I’ll Drive,[Music],that we’ve ever seen an Avenger movie,together in the theater happily we,weren’t able to get tickets in the very,back which is usually where we sit,because my paranoia makes it difficult,for anyone to be behind me but they,weren’t available so I am a little,cautious about going but I’m a huge fan,so I’m just gonna I was living with,DeLong I was just really struggling with,mental health I was in a bad way I was,depressed I was anxious I didn’t feel as,if I was in a position to support him in,a relationship so I said going to to,move in with my dad and see how that,goes and of course we found each other,again about five months ago and it’s,been absolutely amazing it’s been a,great moment we can with each other so I,do sometimes regret leaving but at the,same time in the state of health that I,am in now I really feel that it was the,right thing to do both for me and for,him you know what are you getting check,this out I know you,so when I walk into a restaurant that’s,you know kind of busy for example I,would usually look for a table like this,which i think is very lucky today,because you can’t always find them it’s,fear really someone is trying to harm me,someone is standing behind me German,army and it’s funny because yesterday,that she was telling me that I was good,with making sure that she gets a booth,or something against the wall she said,I’m good with it but actually you think,to be honest it comes naturally I know,it’s not rational for me to not want to,look away from my drink in a restaurant,but I can’t shake it,thank you so much thank you so much I do,have plans to to move in with DeLong,besides my dad I couldn’t think of a,better person more supportive person to,start a life with,I’m very fortunate because not everyone,with this illness is able to access,medication like I can I don’t know where,I’d be today without my insurance I’m in,my 30s and I live with my dad but my,fear is that I won’t be able to work and,I won’t be able to qualify for a,disability and you know I won’t be able,to have a home or have a car that fear,comes from people that are in that,situation there are people with,schizophrenia who don’t have a home and,don’t have anyone to support them it is,very real thing that’s going on in our,world and scares me,[Music]

Schizophrenia Explained

Hey, everyone! Today’s topic is another DSM diagnosis.,And that is: Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective.,What are the differences and what do we do if we have that diagnosis? So stay tuned!,So, like I said, today’s topic is kind of going to be DSM-driven, but I’m also going to give–,um, at the end you’re going to want to stay tuned ’cause I’m going to give you some treatment options,and ways, either to help those around us or to get help for yourself.,So don’t forget to stay tuned to the end when I give those tips out.,But I’m going to talk about Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorders,and what do we do if we have that diagnosis or if someone around us has that diagnosis,and what does it mean, right?,Because people throw around terms a lot and that’s one of my main frustrations with therapists.,It’s that people will be like: “You’re so duh, duh, duh” and they’ll throw out so diagnosis.,”Oh, I think they have duh, luh, la, la”. And I’m just making weird noises because it’s all over.,They’ll say: “You’re schizophrenic. You have delusions. You’re anorexic. You’re borderline.”,People will throw around terms without actually knowing, so that’s why I’m making my videos.,Okay. So, without further ado, Schizophrenia is… I don’t… I guess I’ll just read exactly what it says.,but I don’t… I want to make sure that it makes sense,,so let me know if you want me to do follow-up videos.,But the essential features of Schizophrenia are a mixed characteristic signs and symptoms,both positive and negative, which I’ll explain, that have been present for a significant,portion of time during a one month period with some signs of the disorder persisting,for at least 6 months. Now, I wanted to white-board this ’cause it gets really,confusing about the time, but all you need to know is that if someone has had,Schizophrenia-like symptoms for more than 6 months, then they have Schizophrenia.,When it’s a shorter duration, there’s all these sorts of different names,that I’ve been learning from my licensing exam. But the positive and negative symptoms,of Schizophrenia are as follows, okay? So positive symptoms, the way I remember this,in my mind is positive, plus, we’re adding something to someone, so it’s not just me as myself.,I’m seeing things that aren’t there potentially. I could be hearing things that aren’t there.,I could be feeling things that aren’t there. Think of your senses.,Not many people, like, smell things that aren’t there or even feel things that aren’t there.,The most common are seeing and hearing. Now, when people have those…,And they’re called delusions and hallucinations, okay? Now, hallucinations,are those audio and visual things that we’re seeing that aren’t there.,Like, if you’ve ever seen “A Beautiful Mind”, he has those 2 people that are with him,that no one else can see or hear, but he can see and hear them. They’re like his friends, right?,That would be the visual because he sees them and also he’s hearing them, right?,So we have those, um, audible hallucinations. Okay? Now, delusions,which is the next most common, is those firmly held beliefs. So…,When I worked in the hospitals, I had one client who, no matter what I told him,,believed I was working for the FBI.,And even though I was like: “I don’t even have any of the things that it would take,to work for the FBI”. You know, there’s nothing I could say.,It’s a firmly held belief. Now, the most common beliefs are those of,,like, the Army, FBI, “people are watching me” type and the religious type.,”Jesus told me to do this. Jesus is speaking to me through my television telling me,this, that and the other”. Those are the most common, but that doesn’t mean that,they can’t be other things. I had many clients who have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia,,as well as their eating disorder because part of their firmly held beliefs had to do with,their belief that they were overweight when they were underweight or,the belief that they needed that much food, even though they didn’t or,there’s a bunch of different things, right?,I personally don’t usually diagnose separately, but some people do.,So that’s just another example of a delusion, okay?,So, so far we have hallucinations when we see, hear or feel things that aren’t there,and we have delusions – firmly held beliefs.,Those are positive symptoms of Schizophrenia.,Okay? ‘Cause we’re adding something to it, to ourselves.,Now, the negative symptoms of Schizophrenia are things that often go unnoticed longer.,These are things, like what we call, like, a blunted affect which really just means,lack of emotion. So someone will be very… unexciting and they have trouble expressing things,and just very… very boring! Right? It’s a very blunted, like, there’s no emotion.,And I’m trying to think if there are other ones that they gave…,Negative symptoms, yeah. Restrictions in the range and intesity of emotional expression,,flat affect, and in the fluency and productivity of thought and speech which is called Alogia,which is like if you… you really have… trouble… putting… sentences together.,It’s very slow and we have a lot of trouble. And that can also kind of go into,the same realm as what we call “disorganized speech” which, if you work,in a hospital, they call it “word salad”. And that can be like:,”Why did you come out… sweeping the floors… Book! I, um… beach, towel, frustrated!”,And it won’t make any sense. In their minds it makes sense, but they have,a lot of trouble putting it together. And so, it comes out as this, you know, very difficult,thing to understand. Until people are properly medicated, it can be really difficult,and it can be frustrating for them. Imagine if you have all these things you want to express,but people look at you like: “What?” Right? Because none of it makes sense together.,So that can be part of that as well. Another negative symptom can be…,They have trouble initiating goal-oriented behavior.,So I need to get to the store because I’m out of milk, but I don’t… Like, they don’t know where to start.,I may walk out without any shoes on and no money or I may walk to a,clothing store looking for milk.,So you can kind of see where they have trouble making that happen. Okay?,So that is Schizophrenia. Now, I know there will probably be a ton of questions.,It’s really… I’m taking, like, pages and pages of explanations and turning it into,like 3 minutes. Right? So leave your questions below. I can do more on this if you want.,Now, the second diagnosis is Schizoaffective disorder.,Now, I’ve heard from many of you that you’ve gotten this diagnosis and this is the difference.,I’m just going to differentiate it from Schizophrenia itself.,So Schizoaffective Disorder, it means that you have an uninterrupted period of illness,during which there is either a major depressive, manic or mixed episode,concurrent with the symptoms to meet Schizophrenia.,So you’ll have a delusion or a hallucination while you also are having,some sort of depressive episode or you could be manic. It could be part of your…,It’s honestly Bipolar crashed into Schizophrenia and it created Schizoaffective.,If Bipolar and Schizophrenia had a baby it’d be Schizoaffective Disorder. Okay?,And that’s the easiest way to understand it.,And people will have different sub-types.,I mean, some people will only have major-depressive just like people with Bipolar II.,Remember my old video? If you haven’t checked out my Bipolar video, you should check it out,because I put it on the whiteboard and I kind of explain the different episodes.,So that’s what Schizoaffective Disorder is.,So you may have some psychosis- the delusions, hallucinations- but you also have,that mood lability that goes along with, um, Bipolar Disorder. Okay?,Now, like I said, what do we do?,So we have these diagnoses… I’m going to move this because it’s making me hot.,Oof! Okay.,So, what do we do?,The number 1 thing, whether this is you or this a friend or a family member,,they need to get medication.,And I know, medication… Agh! The Devil!,We don’t want to be on it. We want to be holistic, but trust me when I say,medication can save your life. Okay?,The sooner we get on it, the sooner we can get better.,Think of your brain as like a balloon and it’s filled with sand. Okay?,And as we connect, let’s say we have a hallucination, right?,And I connect: “Oh, that figure. I see that shape and that’s a person”.,And I talk to that person. We’re rolling a marble in that sand.,And the more we allow that to happen, the deeper the ridge in the sand gets.,And it’s harder for our mind to break out of that.,Does that make sense? That’s the best way for me to conceptualize it.,So let’s say we’ve only made that connection a couple of times and,then we get our medication on board and we realize,that those delusions and hallucinations aren’t real.,We stop making that groove deeper and our brain can heal,and we can live our life in a more normal manner. Okay?,So please, please, please get medication and,encourage those people around you to get proper assessments.,And if this is you, please go see a doctor. Go to the hospital. Make sure you get a proper assessment.,And you can get the proper medication. And ask questions about your medication.,We want to make sure the side-effects are good. They don’t interact with other medications and stuff like that.,The second thing is: please find a group or a PHP program.,At many hospitals they have these where you can go and you can meet other people who are working on this.,And it can be so refreshing and good to know that other people have struggled and they’re doing fine.,They’ve worked things out. And you know, different government agencies will help you get paid for this and get the help you need.,There’s even boarding cares where you can live and stay if you’re older and they’ll take you to and from PHP programs.,I used to run one with some other colleagues of mine at a…,There’s a group of hospitals down at Orange County I used to work at.,So they’re available. They’re there. Please look into that.,And the last thing I always encourage people to do is do reality testing.,So if you are not the person who has this diagnosis, but you’re a close family friend or any of the above,let them know that you’re a safe person that they can talk to and they can be honest with.,And reality testing is this: so let’s say I have Schizophrenia. I live with Sean, right?,I hear something. I hear someone talking. I hear someone saying:,”Hey, so Kati you really need to do that because that person, remember they’re going to hurt you.”,I can look at Sean and say: “Did you hear that voice? It was like woman’s voice and it sounded like this.”,And he says: “No, I didn’t hear it.” I’ve just done reality testing.,I’ve just checked in with someone who I know doesn’t have Schizophrenia and I’ve asked them about something that I heard.,And I’m just checking. I’ve had clients when we’re at the hospital, right? We’re at the hospital and there’s a lot of overhead.,Which I think this is cruel, but they’ll do overhead calls like: “Nancy, to the 4th floor. We have a whatever”. Right?,And it’ll come through all the speakers. This is really hard for people who have Schizophrenia and are trying to do reality testing.,They’ll ask me: “Kati, did you hear that?” “Yeah. No, that was really… It was the nurse. She was calling.”,”Okay. Just making sure”. Right? Because if we are having those breakthrough symptoms,,if we’re seeing or hearing again, we may need to increase our medication or switch or things like that.,So those are the things that I would recommend. Getting a treatment team, right?,The groups, the PHP programs, getting on medication and doing reality testing as often as we can,to make sure that everything is being helpful and giving us, I guess, the aid that we need. Right?,So let me know if you have any further questions. Share your experiences as always.,And we will work together towards a Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body.,Just as a side note, know that there is no stigma attached to either of these diagnoses or any diagnosis.,Our hospitals and our treatment teams and people in the mental health field are more than well-equipped to handle this.,We see it all the time. We want you to come and talk to us.,’Cause the sooner we can get help, like I said, the sooner we can get you well and back in your life and feeling better. Right?,And just so you know, I know I use the acronym PHP . What that stands for is “Partial Hospitalization Program”.,And these are usually at different hospitals or clinics. And what that means is you come during the day for different groups or therapy sessions,and then you leave in the evening and you go back to your house. So it’s just partial. So you’re there for part of the day.,And don’t forget to check out my website also. I have a lot of different people helping in the forums, interacting.,If you have questions and if you have this diagnosis, start a forum board, start something where you can communicate to one another.,You can share your tips and tricks and get more help.,And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel ’cause I put out videos 5 days a week and you don’t want to miss them. Right?,Okay. Thanks!,Subtitles by the community

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Schizophrenia

schizophrenia feels like your whole,world has changed your perception of the,world has checked my perception of the,world has changed originally it meant a,loss of my son because we had no,emotional connection that was devoid of,us his behavior was bizarre,and so we lost my son there’s a lowering,of your ability to to take up new ideas,and new activities sometimes lacking in,motivation to get things done tend to,lose the drive and aspirations you once,had as a teenager thinking back now I,can think back I started experiencing,voices as a child my first actual,psychotic episode happened when I was in,a hospital suffering from anorexia I,used to see pictures on the walls and in,the pictures I’d see the people moving,and I was seeing people do things and,talking about me and trying to hurt me,and I couldn’t look at people at all men,or women none the basic personality of,the way was is still there you still see,it it’s still there he’s still bright,he’s still articulate still got a lot of,confidence but a lot of it is sometimes,makes no sense to us than what we call,the real world they’re real world at we,real world and it is a real world to,them but doesn’t coincide with ours,we’ll be clearing clearing the house of,rubbish or something like that to go to,the dump and he would be picking up and,bringing it back in and I thought that’s,weird and there’ll be odd little things,like that but then as the illness got,grip he used to make little tents in his,room where he would be he wouldn’t sleep,on his bed he wouldn’t take his clothes,off and he would like hibernate and this,is unusual behavior and this is when we,started to get worried,patience when they first experienced,symptoms of schizophrenia should look,for help,go to your GP and then your GP can make,a terror assessment over your mental,health and and make a referral to the,local community mental health team the,first protocol is and must be the GP,from there I think they’re more likely,now to send you somewhere for an,assessment if he is psychotic and he,loses it completely then aney aney will,have psychiatric nurses available and,they can be the answer to your prayers,as well the longer you leave the,condition schizophrenia untreated the,worse the outcome is the earlier,treatment can be brought about the,better the prognosis the better the,successes of the treatment,when I see a patient for a new,assessment and the cornerstone of the,assessments is to take a history and a,mental state examination of the patient,the mental state examination is an,examination of the thought processes and,the the the experience is that patients,have and it’s usually done by a,psychiatrist through interview

What is Schizophrenia ?

schizo means split and Freni a– in this,case refers to the mind even though,schizophrenia can be interpreted to mean,splitting of the mind it does not refer,to a split personality,like some media sources might portray,but rather schizophrenia describes a,scattered or a fragmented pattern of,thinking schizophrenia is actually a,syndrome meaning there are all sorts of,symptoms that might be associated with,it and different patients might,experience different symptoms although,the symptoms can be broadly categorized,into three major areas positive symptoms,negative symptoms and cognitive symptoms,all right taking a step back most human,symptoms from any illness are extreme,versions of a normal physiologic process,for example everyone has a heartbeat,right and tachycardia is a fast,heartbeat in the same way everyone has a,normal body temperature but during a,fever that temperature is higher in,schizophrenia patients have positive,symptoms which aren’t positive in the,sense that they’re helpful but positive,in the sense that there’s some new,feature that doesn’t have any normal or,physiologic counterpart these are the,psychotic symptoms so delusions,hallucinations disorganized speech and,disorganized or catatonic behavior,none of which occur physiologically,delusions are false beliefs that the,person might feel very strongly about so,much so that they won’t change their,mind even if you give them evidence,against it there are all sorts of,different delusions like for example a,delusion of control where somebody,thinks that some outside force or person,or a thing is controlling their actions,they could also be delusions of,reference where someone might think that,insignificant remarks are directed at,them like a newscaster is speaking,directly to them through the TV,hallucinations are a second type of,positive symptom and can be any kind of,sensation that’s not actually there,including visual but also including,auditory sensations like hearing voices,or commands a third type is disorganized,speech an example being something like a,word salad which seems like just a,random jumbling of words or phrases like,pencil dog,hat coffee blue disorganized behavior on,the other hand could be like if they,exhibit some bizarre or silly behavior,that’s out of context and doesn’t seem,to have much of a purpose like for,example wearing multiple layers of,jackets on a hot summer day,also sometimes their behavior is,described as catatonic which has to do,with their movements posture and,responsiveness so like they might be,super resistant to moving or being an,unresponsive stupor negative symptoms,are like when there’s this reduction or,removal of normal processes and this is,like a decrease in emotions that they,can express or a loss in interest in,things that they once found interesting,one type of negative symptom is called,flat effect where they don’t respond,with an emotion or reaction that would,seem appropriate like if they saw,something very unexpected like a small,monkey playing in the living room they,might simply sit and watch idly as if,nothing was happening another type is a,loggia or poverty of speech which is a,lack of content in their speech so like,if somebody asks them do you have any,children they might respond with yes,instead of yeah one boy and two girls a,third type of negative symptom is a,volition which is this decrease in,motivation to complete certain goals so,someone might stay home for long periods,of time without trying to reach out to,friends or find work cognitive symptoms,are like not being able to remember,things learn new things or understand,others easily these symptoms are more,subtle though and are more difficult to,notice and might only be detected if,they have really specific tests,performed an example might be somebody,not being able to keep track of several,things at once like a phone number and,an address people with schizophrenia,seem to cycle through three phases,typically in order during the prodromal,phase patients might become withdrawn,and spend most of their time alone and a,lot of times this seems similar to other,mental disorders like depression or,anxiety disorders during the active,phase patients experience more severe,symptoms like delusions hallucinations,disorganized speech disorganized,behavior or or cat,atonic behavior following an active,phase patients often enter into a,residual phase where they might exhibit,cognitive symptoms like not being able,to concentrate or becoming withdrawn,again as with the prodromal phase for an,official diagnosis of schizophrenia,patients need to be diagnosed with two,of the following symptoms delusions,hallucinations disorganized speech,disorganized behavior or catatonic,behavior or negative symptoms and at,least one of them has to be either,delusions hallucinations or disorganized,speech so basically they couldn’t have,just disorganized behavior and negative,symptoms even though some patients have,cognitive symptoms as well,they aren’t specifically needed for a,diagnosis also though for a diagnosis,signs of these disturbances must be,ongoing for at least six months meaning,that they’re likely in one phase or,another for a period of six months but,there must be at least one month of,active phase symptoms and finally those,symptoms can’t be attributable to,another condition like substance abuse,now that we’ve diagnosed it why does it,even happen in the first place,what causes schizophrenia well we don’t,really know since it seems like the,signs and symptoms of schizophrenia are,pretty unique to humans or at least,they’re hard to imagine or notice in,animal models like mice or rats one clue,is that the majority of antipsychotic,medication that improves schizophrenia,symptoms block the dopamine receptor d2,which reduces dopamine levels in neurons,this suggests that maybe schizophrenia,has something to do with increased,levels of dopamine these medications,though are neither universally nor,completely effective and don’t work for,everyone with schizophrenia which adds,to the confusion and means there’s,probably more to it than just the d2,receptors interestingly one of the most,effective antipsychotic drugs,clozapine is a weak d2 antagonist,suggesting that other neurotransmitter,systems like norepinephrine serotonin,and gaba are involved twin studies have,shown support for a genetic basis as,well even though there haven’t been any,specific genes conclusively linked to,schizophrenia,also environmental factors like earlier,prenatal exposure to infection and,certain autoimmune disorders like celiac,disease have been linked with,schizophrenia finally another important,set of clues involves the epidemiology,schizophrenia seems to happen slightly,more in men than in women with onset in,the mid 20s for men but late 20s for,women and the clinical signs for,schizophrenia are often less severe some,studies suggest this difference might be,due to estrogen regulation of dopamine,systems there doesn’t however seem to be,any difference among race now treating,schizophrenia can be really tricky and,antipsychotic medications are often used,but it’s super important to combine the,efforts of several clinicians and health,professionals including professionals in,therapy or counseling medicine in,psychopharmacology antipsychotics can be,very effective at reducing symptoms but,they often come with a lot of additional,considerations to keep in mind like cost,and the potential for unwanted side,effects like tolerance dependence and,withdrawal,you

Patients Schizophrenia Story

I was about 29 years old when I started,noticing symptoms and I was teaching at,a university I didn’t know what could be,wrong I didn’t know very much about,schizophrenia something wasn’t quite,right I think it was just that my life,was too difficult to handle and I,remember remarking to someone that,something didn’t seem right in my head I,had severe insomnia there were,definitely some strange thoughts and I,had a really difficult time managing,stress when I was hospitalized I was,initially hospitalized at Western,Psychiatric Institute and clinic they,assigned me to the step clinic they’re,equipped to handle a crisis situation,[Music],because of the stigma surrounding,schizophrenia I didn’t want to be,identified with the illness it was just,overwhelming,initially the group therapy was helpful,one-on-one therapy was also really,helpful it’s not easy but once you get,the meds right and feel like you have a,normal that you can live with it’s very,livable don’t delay and getting help,don’t be afraid of the diagnosis the,faster you get a diagnosis the faster,you can get on the road to recovery,that’s what the sub clinic has done for,me at the sub clinic we take a very,innovative and comprehensive treatment,approach for patients with early,psychosis the patient will see a,psychiatrist you’ll see therapist,they’ll see a social worker they’ll see,case managers we can meet them in the,community and all of us work together,treat their symptoms and get them back,to their lives,you