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Category: Dementia

Tonight on sixteen by nine nobody can,help me,the human toll of dementia Arni night,yeah yeah heart-wrenching decisions for,families yeah okay dad there is still a,stigma about it people still don’t want,to really talk about what it does to,your mom or your dad the desperate,search for care for those who can no,longer care for themselves we’re […]

Vascular dementia

On August 13, 2019

your heart supplies blood to the entire,body including your brain through a,network of blood vessels known as your,circulatory system but if blood can’t,get to your brain because blood vessels,a

good morning my name is dr. Steven Chen,I may use geriatric psychiatrist here at,UCLA and the topic I’m going to present,today is on vascular dementia so for,those of you who may have participated,in our webinars before and and to those,who are joining us new you can post,questions you can ask questions using,Twitter or or commenting […]
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